An unprotected sex between a male and female of reproductive age may lead to pregnancy. When it is planned then it is a matter of joy and happiness. However when it is unplanned it can be a matter of stress. A female has right to abort or terminate the preganancy at her own will but only as per the norms of MTP Act and PNDT Act. These two acts have been framed to control the menace of female foeticide in India. As per the act a pregnancy can be terminated at a medical centre or a hospital with one specialized gynaecologist till 12 weeks of gestational pregnancy. Medical termination or abortion of pregnancy post 12 weeks need consent of two gynaecologist who should confirm the reason for abortion or medical termination of pregnancy in the records.


For pregnancy upto 6 to 8 weeks you need to have an ultrasound to know the actual gestational period of pregnancy. At Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida, Dr Radha Agartaniya would follow the proper procedure as per the law before suggesting you the method for abortion or medical termination of pregnancy. Till 6 to 8 weeks the abortion can be done through medicine which has to be prescribed and taken as per the advise of a specialized gynaecologist. This would lead to bleeding and abortion. However in some cases a tissue may remain stuck leading to heavy bleeding which needs Dialation and Curretage for removal. For pregnancy over 8 weeks you need to have a small surgery called Dialation and Curetage (D & C) for abortion. Any pregnancy over 20 weeks cannot be terminated even in the worst cases like rape.


Dr Radha Agartaniya at Matritva Clinic has vast experience in performing this procedure both medically and surgically. However, Dr Radha has made a protocol that if a married couple approaches her for the termination of pregnancy or abortion at her clinic at Greater Noida she counsels the couple to continue with the pregnancy instead of terminating it. Dr Radha believes that if you don't want to have a child then go for various contraceptive solutions available rather than conceiving and then getting it terminated. However there are cases where medical termination becomes unavoidable sometimes due to social fears and sometimes pregnancy happened when the couple is already having a very small child. The cost of medical termination of pregnancy or abortion varies between INR 5000 to 25000 depending upon the procedure required.