Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome commonly known as PCOD or PCOS is a hormonal disorder due to which multiple cysts form in ovaries leading to hormonal disorder. In PCOD or PCOS female ovaries produce excess amount of male hormone called androgens which causes the hormonal imbalance. This results in irregular menstrual cycle and multiple cysts are formed in the ovaries. Body weight increases and facial hair come up. In the long run PCOD can cause Diabetes and Heart Disease. PCOD is mostly diagnosed when the female is unable to conceive even after trying for several years after the marriage. An ultrasound examination can reveal the presence of multiple cysts inside the ovaries while the blood tests for hormonal profile indicates the imbalance in their levels confirming the presence of this disease. 


Since PCOD or PCOS is more of a lifestyle disease hence the treatment lies in modification of lifestyle. At Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida, Dr Radha Agarataniya has a proper scientific program for the treatment of PCOD or PCOS that includes lifestyle modification, dietary changes and certain medication. If the lifestyle modification does not help then medicines would be given and the surgical option of ovarian drilling would be the last option for females who are unable to conceive despite successfully doing all the above things. Paients that have been treated by Dr Radha at her clinic in Greater Noida for PCOD have been able to conceive naturally by just dong the necessary dietary and life style modification. One thing is for sure that regular check up and visit to the gynaecologist is must for the successful treatment of PCOD.


Dr Radha Agartaniya who is the senior gynaecologist at Matritva Clinic in Greater Noida has vast experience in treating females with various hormonal disorder like pCOD or PCOS. The costs associated with the treatment of PCOD are mostly about the correct diagosis. After consultation with the gynaecologist you may be required to do an ultrasound scan and some blood tests. These things would cost you INR 6000 -12000. Once the test results are available and you are diagnosed with PCOD or PCOS then the treatment begins. Since the treatment lies mostly in diet and exercise, there is hardly any cost. Medicines are rarely used and these medicines are not costly. Average cost per month would be around INR 300-500. Very few females would require ovarian drilling which would cost in the range of Rs. 35000 - 45000. If PCOD is not treated in time then the cost for treatments like IVF, Diabetes or Heart Disease can run into Lacs of Rupees causing huge financial and physical stress for the patient and the family. The moment you see any of the above mentioned symptoms of PCOD you should consult a gynaecologist or better still should go to a PCOD specialist doctor like Dr Radha Agartaniya at Matritva Clinic in Greater Noida. The treatment for this condition may last for 8 - 10 months but the results at the end of it would lead of a much better and healthier person.