Ante-natal care is all the services that an expecting mother gets from the time of confirmation of pregnancy to the delivery. At Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida, Dr Radha Agartaniya has a scientifically designed ante-natal program that includes regular check ups, scheduled ultrasounds, vaccinations, blood tests, physiotherapy sessions and diet sessions. The aim of the program is to have a smooth pregnancy from the time of conception till delivery. Dr Radha has designed this program with the 22 years of experience that she has. She is not the one who would advise you to take lot of rest unless contraindicated due to your past medical history. She belives in active pregnancy. This is the reason that she has high percentage of normal deliveries as compared to caesareans. At Matritva Clinic in Greater Noida the first step of our gynaecologist Dr Radha is to establish a relationship with the expecting mother. The relationship of two friends which is beyond a doctor - patient relationship. This augurs well as the patient is able to share all her concerns with the doctor freely.


The Ante-natal program at Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida, starts with the consultation of the expecting mother with Dr Radha Agartaniya. After which a pregnancy ultrasound along with battery of tests are done. This is done to ensure that the mother is fit to continue with the pregnancy and is free from any infectious diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Rubela etc. The test reports generally come within a day. As per the reports expecting mother is provided with a complete diet chart and medication which includes supplements like folic acid, iron, calcium etc. Dr Radha also explains about the various ultrasounds and their timings which have to be done during the course of the pregnancy to ensure the well bieng and proper development of the child.


The Ante-Natal program consists of scheduled consultation with Dr Radha Agartaniya, gynaecologist at Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida. This ensures that the mother and child are in the best of health. During the course of the pregnancy the expecting mother undergoes 4 major ultrasounds. First ultrasound after 5 weeks of pregnancy which confirms the presence of sac. Next important ultrasound is at 11 weeks which is called Level 1 ultrasound. The most important ultrasound of the pregnancy is the level 2 ultrasound which should best be done between 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy. This ultrasound is important as it gives a clear picture whether there is any congenital defect in the child and if there is one then the pregnancy can be terminated as it is under 20 weeks. Last major scan is the color doppler which is done around 30 weeks of pregnancy. Apart from these there are well being scans during the last trimester and counselling sessions for the mother.