Ovarian cysts are the second most important organs that form the part of the female reproductive system. Ovaries are important as they produce eggs which are required for fertilization and getting pregnant. Apart from eggs ovaries also produce female hormones called progestrone and estrogen which are the reason of feminity in females. Ovarian cyst are fluid filled sacs in the ovary that may or may not cause any symptoms. Ovarian cysts like follicular cysts form every month and get dissolved on their own. However there may be cyst that may interfere in your pregnancy and produce symptoms as well. Most common ovarian cysts are dermoid cyst, chocolate cyst, corpus luteum cyst. Common symptoms of ovarian cyst include lower abdomen pain, bloating, irregular periods and painful sexual intercourse.


The best way to diagnose a female disease is to discuss with the gynaecologist. This is what happens at Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida the diagnosis starts with the consultation with Dr Radha Agartaniya. She understands the symptoms and advises test for diagnosing the type and size of the ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst can be diagnosed by an ultrasound or TVS ultrasound followed by MRI of the abdomen and certain blood tests to rule out cancer of ovaries. Dr Radha at Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida understands the family history and correlates symptoms of the patient with the reports to decide the best line of treatment. Dr Radha is having vast experience in treating ovarian cysts through medicine and surgery. She can perform the surgery through both laparoscopic and open method. In case of young females she ensures that the ovary can be preserved for future pregnancy.


Dr Radha Agartaniya is one of the best gynaecologist in Greater Noida for the treatment of ovarian cysts both through medicine and surgery. In his career spanning over 22 years she has seen cases with simple ovarian cysts to complicated cases where she has removed large ovarian cysts through surgery and preserved the ovaries for future pregnancy. The best part is she is one gynaecologist who would first try to treat through medicine and only then would go for surgical option. Cost of diagnosis would be approximately INR 2000-3000 and if MRI is also required then add another INR 6000 to it. Cost of the ovarian cyst surgery if done through laparoscopic method would be approximately INR 55000-65000 and for open surgery it would approximately INR 40000 to 50000. The cyst that is removed is generally sent for biopsy to rule out any possibility of cancer.